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Take Your business online.

If you're interested in getting your business on line, we can help! Our webhosting service can handle everything from registering your domain, hosting your site, and giving you full control to manage every aspect of it. If you need help creating or updating your site, we can put you in touch with web design professionals who can help you create the site you want, or redesign your existing site. Visit: SSA Host

Make A Professional Impression.

Small businesses don't have to look so small anymore! If you run a small business, you know how important it is to look good to your customers and be reachable at all times. Now you can do both, with phone services from SSA Phone. Provide a professional image with a toll-free number, automated information such as office hours and locations, voicemail, and even seamlessly transfer their call to you at home or on a cellphone. They won't know you're out having dinner instead of sitting behind a desk taking their call! Visit: SSA Phone

Get help with your tech problems.

For everything from setting up a new PC to setting up an entire network, we can help pair you with a consultant with the knowledge, know-how, and experience to take care of your needs. Our consultants will determine a set price up front, and nothing will be charged until the work is completed. Contact us to see if we can provide service in your area.