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About Sirkels & Squares Alternative

Our goal is to provide exceptional computer, networking, and internet related services at an affordable price. Customer service is our top priority, and reliability is one of the best forms of customer service we can offer. From webhosting to consulting, we promise to deliver fast, reliable service with some of the best customer support around. The alternative difference is what makes us better. We are designed around you the customer, rather than our bottom line or other political goals. This is what makes us basically better.

From Consultant to SSA - Our History

Starting out as a teenager, Kristopher E.J. always wanted to provide useful services to others. He combined this with his programming abilities, and technical know-how. Fueled by his thirst for knowledge and ever-increasing drive to do and learn more while allowing others to benefit from it, his first website back in 1998 provided Houston area information about local businesses. This website was his classroom to learn web and database programming and later moved to his own server where he started to learn the intricacies of building, securing, managing, and sucessfully running an internet server. This knowledge and experience only peaked his interest in internet services, and soon he was hosting websites and email for family members and friends. In 2000, EzHst was born as an official web-hosting outlet to handle the projects he picked up from friends, art galleries, and other individualized consulting work. In 2005, after realizing the need to spread beyond just web-hosting alone and in an effort to better organize the structure of his ventures, Sirkels & Squares Alternative was started as the catch-all for all current and any future technology-related ventures; the first of which was SSA Host for webhosting, and later SSA Phone a small-business toll-free forwarding and voicemail service.

Webhosting and Domain Registration

SSA Host provides website hosting and domain registration at extremely affordable prices with an amazing array of features and services included. Gone are the days of 'nickle-and-diming' for every little feature, add-on, or service. With SSA Host, we don't charge you extra for stuff that doesn't cost us extra. Instead, they are included with the accounts. Extras are offered at reasonable prices to recover our costs rather than to make another buck. By providing the features you want, at the price you want, with service that exceeds your expectations, we hope to keep your business. We know you'll be satisfied, and happy customers bring more customers. This is our marketing strategy, plain and simple. The better alternative to webhosting, SSA Host.

Toll-Free phone service

SSA Phone provides individuals and small businesses with the ability to have a toll-free phone number which can either forward to any existing number such as a cell-phone or answer with a professional answering system with multiple options just like the big businesses use - allowing you to present a more professional image to your customers.

Geek Consulting

We want you to get what you want even if you're not sure exactly what that is. This is where our consultants come in. They will sit down with you and determine your needs, then make a fixed-price offer to complete the work. Whether you need to setup a new PC, or an entire office network, our consultants will take care of getting it done right and at a price you can agree on. Our consulting service will be available soon, at which time you can get more specifics as well as submit your requests via a new website linked from here. If you are currently an independant consultant and are interested in being affiliated with the SSA Geek Consulting, please send details of your experience and work to us via the contact page and we wil get back to you with information on where to submit your resume to. A better alternative to consulting.