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WHMCS Status App v0.1.9 (DL: File Not Found!)
Simple Windows SysTray Status App for monitoring WHMCS - Notifies of new pending orders (paid and unpaid) as well as tickets pending reply (Status customer-reply) This is a simple proof of concept app, it's features are very limited but may still be useful for some. Note: You must upload the included status.php to your WHMCS installation - View the readme.txt file for full install instructions.

More Details and Screenshots

chk v1.0 (DL: 240)
A modified version on from by Corey S. McFadden & Associates. (More information here.) This script requires Perl, with the Net::Ping library and curl. With this script you can monitor at regular intervals (via crontab) any number of hostnames or ip addresses and the services they run. It can do simple pings to verify server availability, or verify that a specified port is open (such as port 25 for SMTP) My modifications to the script include string verification for services - for example, connecting to port 25 on your mailserver and verifying that it not only connects, but responds with the correct information. (i.e. looking for "220 OK" but instead getting a "421 Too many connections" would trigger an alert.) Alerts are sent via email and can be sent to multiple addresses. Upon failure, it will include the details of the failure.

AST WinAgent v0.2.5 (DL: File Not Found!)
Basic Windows queue and agent interface for Asterisk, the open source PBX. Shows basic stats about the queue and number of agents logged in. Also shows first 3 callers waiting in the queue, as well as the current caller you're speaking with. By clicking on the current caller you can load a URL with the callers phone number from CallerID appended. Additionally, if your Asterisk Application sets the channel variable "ORDER" it will pass this number instead of the callerid to a seperate URL. This will allow you to write a custom dialplan that requests a user enter a series of numbers (An order number, ticket number, zip code, whatever you need to get from them) and when your agent answers the phone, they will see this number displayed on the screen and can click the button to load a URL of your choice with the number your customer entered appended. Makes it easy to ask for a customer ID, then automatically pull up their account when the agent answers the phone. If no number is provided, it will load a URL (which can be the same or different) with the phone number provided by caller ID appended.